We specialize in the following:

  • Pump Packaging
    We have a dedicated engineering department specialized in designing customised pump packages for your various pump applications.
  • Equipment Servicing
    We have a service department that can provide after sales service for the equipment we supply. Our service engineers can be mobilized quickly to perform service work around the region.
  • PLIDCO® Value-Added Services
    Our engineers are manufacturer trained and certified. With extensive experience and track record we can offer the following services;
    • Supervision of installation onshore/subsea
    • Field modification and upgrade
    • Seal hardness check and replacement
    • Total PLIDCO refurbishment (except girderring replacement)
    • Fit for purpose stock condition survey and evaluation
  • Worldwide Product / Equipment Sourcing
    PJ's staff of buyers have wide experience in the oil & gas industry. Our clients benefit from our experience and the vendor relationships we have developed over the years. We access the most current information on pricing and availability through our extensive vendor database. This information translates into cost saving and quality materials that meet equipment delivery schedules.